Rasal Hewage

It has been a dream of mine to pursue my career with art and design. Being highly gifted with of talent for art, I was easily recognized as a good artist. I have always enjoyed designing items. It was my favorite way to pass time. As I stated my schooling, I easily excelled in arts and crafts. It was from grade 3 did I start my first private tuition for art, with the aim of taking art as by future profession. My enthusiasm for art was never ceasing. This artistic nature within, helped me with my studies and extracurricular activities.

T-Shirt Art - Redesigning an old T-shirt

As you can see i decided to redesign an old t-shirt.

Mountain scenery painting.

This time I decided to do a misty mountain scenery.

3D art- How to make an object 3D

Many people make letters 3D but I wanted to show you how to make a simple object 3D.

2020 world- Situation of the world now(watercolors)

This was a suggestion from a friend of mine to do an art about what's happening in the world right now.

The night sky

The real beauty of the night sky have been obstructed by the light pollution and haven’t been seen by many humans in the 20th century world.

The Deer

This painting is actually an artwork which I did for my YouTube channel.

Horror of War

Canvas painting which I did to show, the horrors of war. It was inspired to me by the civil war which Sri Lanka underwent until 2009. I wanted to show the despair and the sadness war bring to people

The small things

The smallest creatures are always the hardest to see.

The Death Ball

Canvas painting showing what war does to our environment. Strips scattered here and there filled with words show the environment crumbling.



A more abstract painting of the political competition currently which our country is undergoing.


Canvas painting done using only paint and fingers only showing the beautiful reflection of the sky with the sea.

Viral Bubbles

Canvas painting showing the emotion clashing side by side with each other.

Waterfall by the rocks

With the intention of showing the beauty of the night life and the nature.


Here I wanted to show where all the animals who are alive now can go extinct if we don’t stop our unworthy practices.

Final Outcome

let your imagination go wild and be creative with the canvas. Different medium like plaster of paris, acrylics and tinner based paint used to create this gaint painting.


Old painting where I let my imagination wonder with the possibilities of the future.

Parents' love

Sculpture. Medium - Plaster of Paris

Naval Fleets- Battleship Yamato(RP-5)

How to make video.

Doodle Abstract Art- Mixed Medium

How to make video.