Paints on Sale

We also sell our artwork and do custom paintings. Send us an email and we will tend to your needed paintings. Painting prices can be inquired through us.

Horror of War

Canvas painting which I did to show, the horrors of war. It was inspired to me by the civil war which Sri Lanka underwent until 2009. I wanted to show the despair and the sadness war bring to people

The Death Ball

Canvas painting showing what war does to our environment. Strips scattered here and there filled with words show the environment crumbling.


A more abstract painting of the political competition currently which our country is undergoing.

The Deep

Protect the marine and the rare, unique creatuers within.

A Beautiful Sundown

Medium - Acrylic paint

The Blue Yonder

The vibrant colours in the blue yonder flutters bringing in a rainbow of happiness to those who seek it.

The Unknown

Have you ever wondered of another world with beauty and creatures of their own.

Waterfall by the rocks

With the intention of showing the beauty of the night life and the nature.


Here I wanted to show where all the animals who are alive now can go extinct if we don’t stop our unworthy practices.


As the seasons change, we grow, we learn