Supuli Hewage

Life isn’t all work and chores, I surely have something to break free from that mundane monotony. Art.

My name is Supuli Hewage, born on the 24th of January 2004. Art had been a part of my soul ever since I was able to hold a piece of chalk and it is one of my dreams to become an inspirational artist to the world.

Educated at Alethea International School, Dehiwala, my schooling years were thrilling and entertaining. I was immediately recognized for my gifted talents in art and dancing. During my school years I was drawn to numerous extracurricular activities; dancing was one of my favorites. I practiced dancing under the guidance of my school teachers. I am proud to say that i was able to defend the title of ‘most talented dancer’ in school for 7 consecutive years. Participating in numerous inter school dancing competitions and school concerts, I was the spotlight of my team. I was also able to win several art competitions. Joining the Active Citizens club allowed me to participate in community services where I enjoyed working with my team.

These extracurricular activities have helped me excel academically as well, where I was one of the top 5 students in class. I am currently undergoing my Edexcel advanced level privately with Art, psychology, Mathematics and IT as my subjects.

The inspiration for my artworks has had many different paths, the most prominent being ‘women empowerment’.

There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish

Michelle Obama

Most of the ideas in my artworks have circulated around, on how important a woman is to the society, to the environment and to the world. I wish to encourage women empowerment through my artworks and strengthen women all around the world.

I hope my first step to the art community ‘The First Flying’ will help me achieve my goal towards my future ambition.