Supuli Hewage

Life isn’t all work and chores, I surely have something to break free from that mundane monotony. Art.
My name is Supuli Hewage, born on the 24th of January 2004. Art had been a part of my soul ever since I was able to hold a piece of chalk and it is one of my dreams to become an inspirational artist to the world.

Vase of Poppies

Artist study on Vincent Van Gogh's 'vase of poppies'.


Recreation of a photograph using Cold and warm colours. Medium - watercolours..


A study on contours.


Recreation of the original photograph. Black and white. Medium - watercolour paints.


Sunset using warm colours. Medium - watercolour paints.


Contours in mountain ranges using cold colours.

Spread of knowledge

Medium - watercolour.

Oceans Day

Celebrating worlds oceans day through art.



The world spins because there is a women in every corneror there would be no life.

The Seed

Women are life.

Topic Spin

In order to persue existence, the surronding.

Staircase of People

This shows how nature and humans should be together in order to pursue existence.

The Spinning Staircase

Medium - Red and Blue tissue paper

The Spinning Staircase

Medium - brown paper, newspaper and graphite pencils.


A pencil sketch of an ancient traditional bowel used in sri lanka.

The Spinning Wheel

Medium - Black Board, tin foil and white pen.


Freedom is when someone wants to break free.

The Deep

Protect the marine and the rare, unique creatuers within.

The Fairy

Medium - Acrylic paint

A Beautiful Sundown

Medium - Acrylic paint

The Blue Yonder

The vibrant colours in the blue yonder flutters bringing in a rainbow of happiness to those who seek it.

The Unknown

Have you ever wondered of another world with beauty and creatures of their own.

The abstract

Medium - Acrylic paints.


Medium - acrylic paint.

World of People

This artwork shows how the minds of people work in a pattern of spin.


As the seasons change, we grow, we learn


Medium - Acrylic paints.

Unity is strength

This painting shows that if we all get together and help each other, just like tiny ants do, we can be capable of doing greater things and achieve great heights.

The Sri Lankan elephant

Sculpture. Medium - Plaster of Paris


Medium - Acrylic paints.

The strawberry Vase

Medium - Acrylic paints.